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Immune-modulating peptide

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8017572.

Disclosed are peptides having SEQ ID NOs: 1 to 24 that induce superoxide generation by human monocytes or neutrophils; that induce an intracellular calcium increase by human peripheral blood monocytes or neutrophils; binds to formyl peptide receptor or formyl peptide receptor-like 1; that induce chemotactic migration of human monocytes or neutrophils in vitro; that induce degranulation in formyl peptide receptor expressing cells or formyl peptide receptor-like 1 expressing cells; that stimulate extracellular signal regulated protein kinase phosphorylation via activation of formyl peptide receptor or formyl peptide receptor-like 1; or that stimulate Akt phosphorylation via activation of formyl peptide receptor or formyl peptide receptor-like 1.

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