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Method of dispatching tasks in multi-processor computing environment with dispatching rules and monitoring of system status

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8015564.

An embodiment of a method of dispatching tasks in a multi-processor computing environment begins with a step of a dispatcher within the multi-processor computing environment receiving job properties for a plurality of jobs to be processed in the multi-processor computing environment. Each job comprises at least one task. In a second step, the dispatcher employs an initial dispatching rule to assign an initial subset of tasks to processors within the multi-processor computing environment. The method continues with a third step of the dispatcher monitoring system status of the multi-processor computing environment. In a fourth step, the dispatcher selects a second dispatching rule from a plurality of dispatching rules in response to a change in the system status. In a fifth step, the dispatcher employs the second dispatching rule to assign a second subset of tasks to the processors.

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