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Conveyor-belt apparatus and image heating apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8014710.

An image heating apparatus including: an endless belt; a heating rotary member for heating a toner image on a sheet at a heating nip between the belt and the rotary member; a pressure member provided slidably on an inner surface of the belt at the heating nip, for bringing the belt into pressure contact with the rotary member; and a lubricant applying roller including a lubricant retaining layer for retaining a lubricant and a lubricant applying amount controlling layer for controlling an applying amount of the lubricant, the lubricant applying roller abutting against the inner surface of the belt to apply the lubricant onto the inner surface of the belt while rotating, in which the lubricant applying roller is brought into contact with the belt and includes a high frictional portion having a coefficient of friction higher than that of the lubricant applying amount controlling layer.

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