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Molded seat cushion with internal shape matching ischial structures

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8011043.

A cushion 302 comprising a molded foam base 302 with an array of individual suspension elements 306 at the ischial area of the cushion. In one aspect the array of suspension elements is in a recess 307 in the top of the base and in another aspect the array of suspension elements is in an inner cavity 406 defined by the base. The suspension elements are arranged in a pattern wherein the longitudinal axis of each suspension element in the array is positioned at a right angle or parallel to the longitudinal axes of the adjacent suspension elements. Each suspension element has a displaceable load-bearing surface 14, a first end wall 20, a second end wall 22, and an optional bottom wall 30, with load-bearing surface and recited walls defining an inner chamber. The material thickness of the load-bearing surface generally is greater than the material thickness of the end walls whereby the end walls deflect outwardly toward the load-bearing surfaces of adjacent support elements under load. The load-bearing surface can have a substantially arch-shaped, elliptical or rectangular cross-section.

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