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Camera and direction indicating switch

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #8009228.

A camera includes a direction indicating switch to specify an arbitrary indicating direction which is attached to a case member. The direction indicating switch has a switch base having a contact point which is capable of abutting intermittently; an operating section held by the switch base to be capable of tilting for tilting for intermittently abutting of the contact point; and a tilt controlling section which controls a tilt of the operating section. The operating section is capable of tilting in a radial direction from a reference position where the contact point is in a nonconductive state. When the operating section is tilted over a predetermined angle from the reference position, the contact point is in a conductive state. The tilt controlling section allows the operating section to tilt over the predetermined angle in a predetermined indicating direction from the reference position and prevents the operating section from tilting over the predetermined angle in a direction different from the predetermined indicating direction from the reference position.

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