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Elasticized garment and strapping system to aid in body mobility support and maintenance

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8007457.

A therapeutic garment system for use on a mammalian body, and associated method of donning, whereby the garments are adapted for donning and releasably securing in a close-fitting fashion so that a plurality of elasticized pieces may be releasably applied, utilizing fasteners, against an outwardly facing surface of at least one--and more often two--of the garments in an operative therapeutic configuration. At least one elasticized garment is included for donning around an area of a torso such as the upper-torso, lower-torso, or full-torso area; a second elasticized garment is included for donning and releasably securing in a close-fitting fashion around a portion of the body, other than that around which the first garment will (or has been) be donned. In addition to an outwardly facing surface adapted for accepting releasable fasteners, each garment has an under-layer with an inwardly facing surface to resist slippage. A wide variety of operative therapeutic configurations are available to one donning garment system components, including those that address generally targeted objectives.

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