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Acoustic structure and acoustic room

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8006802.

In a hollow member, a portion of a hollow region adjoining and communicating with an opening portion is constructed as an intermediate layer. The intermediate layer is constructed in such a manner that, when a reflective surface radiates reflected waves corresponding to incident sound waves falling from an external space on the opening portion and the reflective surface of the hollow member, a phase, in the opening portion, of reflected waves produced by resonance of the resonator in response to the incident waves differs from a phase of reflected waves on the reflective surface, and that the absolute value of a value obtained by dividing a specific acoustic impedance of the opening portion by a characteristic impedance of a medium of the opening portion is less than one. A sound absorbing effect through resonance-based action in the opening portion and a sound scattering effect through a flow of gas molecules.

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