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Universal scope mount for firearm

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8006430.

A universal scope mount includes a housing and a pair of mounting assemblies. The housing has a chamber defined through front and rear ends thereof and having an inner contour conforming to an outer contour of a body of a scope or an accessory to be received therein, a channel downwardly exposed and extending parallel to the chamber and a pair of projections formed along respective opposite sides of the channel. The pair of mounting assemblies is used to respectively secure a front end portion and a rear end portion of the housing to the mount base of the firearm. Each mounting assembly includes a slider to be slidably received in the channel of the housing and supported by the projections of the housing, a mount member to be disposed between the housing and the mount base of the firearm, securing means to securely connect the mount member to the upper attachment surface of the mount base of the firearm, and fastening means to reliably assemble the housing, the slider and the mount member together. The slider has a cross-sectional contour substantially complementary to a cross-sectional contour of the channel of the housing. The mount member has an upper mating surface defining two grooves to receive corresponding projections of the housing therein and a bottom opening having a cross-sectional contour substantially complementary to a cross-sectional contour of the mount base of the firearm.

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