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Apparatus, method, and medium for generating panoramic image using a series of images captured in various directions

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8000561.

Provided are an apparatus, method, and medium for processing an image. In the apparatus, at least one image selected from images to be stitched so as to make colors of overlapped sections of the images as identical with each other as possible and operating again in response to a re-alignment signal, and an image correction unit generating the re-alignment signal after correcting a color of at least a part of the overlapped sections as a result of the shifting of the at least one image in consideration of colors of the overlapped sections Then the shifting of the image is repeated. Therefore, even when the overlapped sections of the images are not identical in color, the overlapped sections of the images can be precisely aligned when the images are stitched for forming a panoramic image, thereby making the panoramic image more accurate.

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