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Hybrid water cannon

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7997179.

A hybrid water cannon that can be configured in either a recoil mode or recoilless mode. A first barrel is attached to a breech block. Either a second barrel or breech plug is also attached to the breech block on a side opposite the first barrel. With the breech plug attached, the water cannon is in a recoil mode. With the second barrel attached, the water cannon is in a recoilless mode. A chamber containing a propellant charge is in communication with both the first and second barrels. Upon ignition, the propellant charge pushes a charge of water from both barrels simultaneously and in opposite directions. The discharge from the first barrel is used to disable the target ordnance. The discharge from the second barrel counters the recoil. The propellant charge is ignited using an ignition charge in a port intersecting the chamber at an angle other than 90 degrees.

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