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Beverage tap plug

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7988019.

The present invention relates to a beverage tap plug for occupying and disinfecting, cleaning, or sanitizing a faucet opening of a beverage tap. The beverage tap plug comprises a support member supporting a resilient absorbent member. The absorbent member comprises a generally cylindrical column of absorbent material. The support member of the beverage tap plug comprises a relatively flat, disk-shaped base supporting a thin post in which the post defines a longitudinal axis with a first base end and second distal end. The post protrudes outwardly from the center of the base at the base end. Additionally, the outside diameter of the absorbent member is larger than the diameter of the diameter of the outer rim of the faucet opening. The absorbent member of the beverage tap plug is impregnated with a disinfectant, sanitizer or cleaner.

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