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Bayer image conversion using a graphics processing unit

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7986358.

A single-site color image, such as a Bayer CCD image, is converted to a color space image using the resource of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The Bayer image is loaded into the GPU along with commands to cause the texture engine in the GPU to use the Bayer image as a source texture and to compute, for each pixel in a destination image having same dimensions as the single-site color camera image, interpolated neighbor pixel values from the single-site color camera image for the remainder of said colors. A code image can be used to provide, for each pixel in the destination image, a value for each combination of color space image color and each Bayer image color. Each pixel is then computed as a sum of a product of each code image. value and a corresponding value selected from the corresponding source texture pixels and an interpolation of neighboring source texture pixels.

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