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Neutral data computer control system for a machine tool used to produce workpieces with a threaded surface and associated machine tool

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7983786.

Neutral data computer control system for a multiaxis machine tool for producing workpieces having a helicoidal generated surface with an optional computer system (1) for generating machine control parameters for a multiaxis machine tool (2, 2a) in which there is provided at least one virtual axis, which can be parameterized as a guiding axis for other axes and then serves only for the synchronization of these other axes, and with at least one data processing unit and at least one memory, the data processing unit being set up in programming terms in such a way that it generates at least one data carrier or an electronic carrier signal (3) with machine control parameters for the machine (2, 2a), or an optional computer program or a computer program product for this and at least one such multiaxis machine tool (2, 2a).

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