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Digital broadcast transmitter/receiver having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7983354.

A digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system, and a signal processing method thereof, includes a randomizer for randomizing a transport stream into a specified position of which stuff bytes are inserted, a stuff-byte exchanger for replacing the stuff bytes included in data output from the randomizer with specified known data, an RS encoder for performing an RS-encoding of data output from the stuff-byte exchanger, an interleaver for interleaving data output from the RS encoder, a trellis encoder for performing a trellis encoding of data output from the interleaver, an RS parity generator for generating a parity by performing an RS encoding of data output from the RS encoder, and outputting the generated parity to the trellis encoder, and a modulator/RF converter for modulating data output from the trellis encoder and performing an RF up-converting of the modulated data. The digital broadcast receiving performance can be improved even in an inferior multi-path channel by detecting the known data from the received signal and using the known data for synchronization and equalization in a digital broadcast receiver.

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