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Process for manufacturing an electronic display device covered with a protective plate

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7981239.

A process for manufacturing an electronic display device comprising a substrate coated with a display having an active zone and a connection zone, the display being attached by an adhesive crosslinkable by radiation to a protective plate. This process comprises: a) application of the adhesive to the display and/or this plate; b) attachment, by bonding, of the plate to the display; c) radiation through the plate in order to crosslink the adhesive; then d) removal of one portion of the plate covering the connection zone, with a view to rendering the latter electrically accessible. Prior to step a) a masking layer that is opaque to the radiation is deposited so that it opposes the crosslinking of the adhesive applied opposite the sole connection zone, and after step d), removed from the connection zone is the uncrosslinked adhesive, which has not been removed with the portion of the protective plate.

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