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Fully integrated ultra wideband transmitter circuits and systems

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7979036.

Disclosed is a novel design of a fully integrated UWB transmitter. The transmitter includes a pulse generator, a pulse modulator, and an ultra-wideband drive amplifier. A new low voltage low power pulse generator circuit is disclosed which can be fully integrated in CMOS or BiCMOS process. This circuit includes a squaring stage, an exponential stage, and a second-order derivative stage. Based on this, PPM, BPSK and PAM pulse modulator circuits and system are disclosed. The modulated pulse is symmetrical second-order derivative Gaussian pulses with a bandwidth up to 5 GHz and having sufficient swing for UWB applications. An ultra-wideband driver amplifier is proposed to amplify the modulator output and drive the antenna. For the driver amplifier, common source resistor and inductor shunt feedback with current reuse technique is employed to achieve the ultra-wideband bandwidth, high gain, and providing matching for the antenna simultaneously.

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