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Retaining element

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7976079.

A retaining element for the lid of a cabinet has a linkage in the form of an eccentric sliding crank drive with an arm (1) as a slider link of the sliding crank drive. The arms (1) can be fixed to a cabinet housing (27) and pivotably connected to the lid and is pivotable around a first arm axis (5) of a first joint (6). A lever (2) can be fixed to the cabinet housing (27) and is pivotable around a first lever axis (7) of a second joint (8). A slider element (3) is guided at the arm (1) and is displaceable along a slider axis (12). The lever (2) is connected to the slider element (3) and is pivotable around a second lever axis (9). A force element (14) force-loads the arm (1) and slider element (3).

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