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Strum input for a video game controller

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7973234.

A video game controller includes: a string instrument-shaped housing comprising a body portion and a neck portion, said body portion including a opening; a console interface for coupling with a game console; and a strum interface coupled to the console interface. The strum interface includes: a pin having a central portion and distal end portions; a pin support structure for supporting the distal end portions of the pin; a strum bar comprising a body portion rotatably coupled to the central portion of the pin and a flange portion protruding from the opening in the housing; a compressible liner provided between at least a portion of the strum bar and the pin; an upper button positioned adjacent the strum bar so as to be depressed when the strum bar is rotated in a first direction; and a lower button positioned adjacent the strum bar so as to be depressed when the strum bar is rotated in a second direction.

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