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Handle for infant carrier

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #7971933.

An infant swing has a base member supported by hanger members for reciprocal movement. The base member is formed with an upwardly extending mounting protrusion that nests into a mating receiver structure formed on the bottom of the seat carrier. A latch mechanism carried by the seat carrier is selectively operable to disengage a pivoted, spring-loaded latch member mounted on the base member mounting protrusion. The seat carrier is formed with a pivoted lift handle that provides a dual lift function, including the normal lift function associated with the lift handle being raised into the upright operative position. The lift handle is formed with grip openings adjacent the pivot connection of the lift handle such that the grip handles are rotated for access when the lift handle is lowered to the folded position to enable the seat carrier to be lifted by grasping the two transversely spaced grip openings.

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