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Disposable non-woven, flame-resistant coveralls

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7971283.

A non-woven, flame resistant fabric and a disposable coverall made from the fabric. The non-woven, flame resistant fabric is made of a plurality of NOMEX.RTM. synthetic fibers, a plurality of KEVLAR.RTM. synthetic fibers, and a plurality of electrostatic dissipative fibers. The coverall has an upper section for covering the shoulder, chest, back and abdominal regions of a wearer. The upper section has long sleeves to cover the arms of the wearer and a collar to cover the neck region of wearer. The coverall also has a waist section contiguous with the upper section for covering the waist region of a wearer, and a pair of leg sections for covering the legs of the wearer. Each leg section has an upper portion contiguous with the waist section. The coverall also has a seat section contiguous with the waist section and the upper portions of the leg sections. The coverall has a two-way zipper extending from the collar section to the waist section.

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