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Modes of operations in QAM modems using hysteresis sub-states

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7970080.

A method of automated acquisition of a QAM signal is provided. The method employs a State machine progressing from an initial State to a final State. The State machine comprises: a symbol timing recovery loop; a carrier loop; a coarse frequency loop; and an equalizer. The method comprises: (A) Performing an automatic gain control (AGC) operation on an incoming QAM signal; (B) Performing a symbol timing recovery of an input QAM signal by adjusting a sampling clock of the symbol timing recovery loop; (C) Performing a Blind Equalization of the QAM signal without carrier lock; (D) Performing a carrier recovery of the QAM signal; and (E) Performing a decision directed equalization (DDE) of the QAM signal by updating a set of coefficients of the equalizer by using a decision based algorithm.

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