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Sample-hold circuit having spreading switch and analog-digital converter using same

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7969336.

A sample-hold circuit includes a voltage-current converter, having a first input terminal pair to which an input differential signal is input and a first output terminal pair which outputs current according to the voltage of the input differential signal, a spreading switch having a switch group which switches the first output terminal pair to inverting or non-inverting states, and an integrator having a second input terminal pair coupled to the first output terminal pair via the spreading switch, an output amplifier which outputs to a second output terminal pair an output differential signal amplified according to the differential signal at the second input terminal pair, a capacitor pair which is provided respectively between the second input terminal pair and second output terminal pair, and which is charged or discharged by current input to the second input terminal pair, and a reset circuit which resets charge states of the capacitor pair.

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