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Methods of recovering hydrocarbons from hydrocarbonaceous material using a constructed infrastructure having permeable walls and associated systems

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7967974.

A method of recovering hydrocarbons from hydrocarbonaceous materials can include forming a constructed permeability control infrastructure. This constructed infrastructure defines a substantially encapsulated volume having substantially permeable side walls and a substantially impermeable cap. A comminuted hydrocarbonaceous material can be introduced into the control infrastructure to form a permeable body of hydrocarbonaceous material. The permeable body can be heated sufficient to remove hydrocarbons therefrom without contamination or substantial leaching of materials outside of the impoundment. During heating the hydrocarbonaceous material is substantially stationary as the constructed infrastructure is a fixed structure. Removed hydrocarbons can be collected for further processing, use in the process, and/or use as recovered.

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