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Air-conditioning register assembly and method

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7966837.

A register assembly for augmenting the flow of conditioned air from a central air-conditioning unit to a room includes a fan, a temperature sensor, and a processing means. The fan is operably positioned for increasing air flow through the register assembly. The temperature sensor is for measuring a temperature of air in the register assembly and for outputting a measured temperature signal. The processing means is for: receiving the measured temperature signal; using the measured temperature signal in determining whether the central air-conditioning unit is providing conditioned air to the room; and activating the fan to augment the conditioned air flow if the central air-conditioning unit is providing conditioned air to the room. The processing means also provides drift compensation to prevent unwanted operation of the fan due to temperature drifts. The register assembly may include a rectangular housing positioned around the components for use in a floor vent, or a housing adapting a floor vent to a centrifugal, tower fan.

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