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Color display system with improved apparent resolution

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7965305.

A full color display system comprised of: a) a display which is formed from a two-dimensional array of three or more differently colored light-emitting elements arranged in a repeating pattern forming a first number of full-color two-dimensional groups of light-emitting elements, each full-color group of light-emitting elements being formed by more than one luma-chroma sub-group of light-emitting elements, wherein the display has a peak white luminance and each luma-chroma sub-group comprising at least one distinct high-luminance light-emitting element having a peak output luminance value that is 40 percent or greater of the peak white luminance of the display device; and b) a processor for providing a signal to drive the display by receiving a three-or-more color input image signal, which specifies three-or-more color image values at each of a two-dimensional number of sampled addressable spatial locations within an image to be displayed; wherein the processor dynamically forms re-sampling functions for image spatial locations derived from the input image signal and corresponding to the spatial location of each luma-chroma sub-group in the display array based on an analysis of the spatial content of the three-or-more color input image signal and the display array repeating pattern, and applying the re-sampling functions to the three-or-more color input image signal to render a signal for driving each light-emitting element within each corresponding luma-chroma sub-group of light-emitting elements.

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