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Light source device, having wavelength conversion and separation means, and projector

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7963677.

A light source device includes a light source unit emitting light of a first wavelength and a wavelength converting element converting light of the first wavelength into light of a second wavelength. An external resonator transmits light of the second wavelength toward an emission destination and reflects light of the first wavelength to resonate between the light source unit and the external resonator. A wavelength separating section transmits light converted from the first wavelength to the second wavelength while traveling from the external resonator to the light source unit and reflects light of the first wavelength in order to separate the different wavelength light. A turnback section reflects light of the second wavelength separated by the wavelength separating section toward the emission destination. In addition, the wavelength separating section reflects light of the first wavelength from the light source unit to travel toward the wavelength converting element.

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