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Dual stage dampers for vehicles suspensions

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7963377.

Dampers for vehicle suspensions include a housing comprising a tube attached to a wheel axle of a vehicle and a piston rod extending from a piston within the tube and attached to the vehicle body. The piston divides the tube into first and second chambers. In order to damp responses when minor smooth road imperfections impart low force excitations to the wheel of the vehicle, a fluid bypass passageway in the form of a sleeve is positioned around the tube and overlies the piston. This provides second stage quasi-ideal damping at low force excitations to the wheels and thus to the wheel axles of the vehicle. The sleeve communicates with the first and second chambers through metered orifices or valves. As low force excitations from smooth road imperfections displace fluid within the tube through the metered orifices or valves, the orifices damp responses to the low force excitations, thereby smoothing the ride of the vehicle. The fluid bypass passageway facilitates calibrating the damper to respond at least close to an empirically obtained quasi-ideal damper response with respect to the low force excitations.

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