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Mechanism for mounting a foldable-bed unit in an article of furniture

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7962975.

A mechanism for mounting a foldable-bed unit in an article of furniture is described. A pair of mounting plates each including a first and second bracket is mounted on opposite ends of a cavity in the article of furniture. The brackets include a U-shaped slot configured to accept a fixture having an enlarged head. A retaining tab is included within one or more of the brackets to retain the fixture therein. The first brackets are located rearwardly of the second brackets and at an angle such that the slot therein is tilted forwardly. The second brackets are oriented to provide a generally vertical orientation to the slots therein. A foldable-bed unit having fixtures corresponding to each of the brackets is installed into the article of furniture by inserting corresponding fixtures into the first brackets. The foldable-bed unit is rotated to insert the remaining fixtures into the second brackets.

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