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Rotor for rotating electrical machine and method of manufacturing same

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7956507.

In a rotor for a rotating electrical machine, a flange of an insulating bobbin is formed with a first hook portion and a second hook portion. The first hook portion directs a lead of a field coil both against the winding direction of the field coil and radially inward. The first hook portion has a first groove in which is hooked a proximal portion of the lead. The second hook portion directs the lead axially outward. The second hook portion has a second groove which has an open end on a radially inner periphery of the second hook portion, a closed end positioned radially outward of the open end, and a neck between the open and closed ends. The second hook portion has an intermediate portion of the lead hooked in the second groove between the neck and closed end of the second groove.

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