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Prosthesis fixation apparatus and methods

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7955380.

A method of securing a prosthesis placed at a desired site in a passageway of a human body comprises delivering a fastener having a proximal piercing end portion and a distal piercing end portion to a site where a prosthesis having a tubular wall has been placed in the passageway, which has a wall, advancing the proximal piercing end portion beyond the prosthesis, penetrating the proximal piercing end portion into the wall of the passageway without passing the proximal piercing end portion through the tubular wall of the prosthesis, and passing the distal piercing end portion through the tubular wall of the prosthesis and into the wall of the passageway. One surgical fastener delivery apparatus for delivering a surgical fastener to a target site comprises a support having a first end, a second end, and a longitudinal axis and being adapted for placement in a passageway in a human body. A surgical fastener having a first piercing end portion, a second piercing end portion and a central portion extending therebetween and having a longitudinal axis is releasably mounted to the support with the central portion longitudinal axis generally parallel to the support longitudinal axis.

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