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Apparatus and method for body tissue fixation

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7955362.

A body tissue fixation apparatus includes a plate having oppositely disposed outer and tissue-contacting surfaces, and at least one fixation hole extending between the outer and tissue-contacting surfaces along a longitudinal axis. The fixation hole is defined in part by an inner hole surface having at least one serration. At least one fixation device of the body tissue fixation apparatus has a shank and a head portion, the shank being insertable through the fixation hole in the plate to affix the plate to the body tissue member upon rotation of the head portion. At least one deformable member is connected to the head portion, the deformable member extending laterally in a direction substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis and being adapted to deflect to engage with at least one serration formed on the inner hole surface. A method for using the body tissue fixation apparatus is also described.

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