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Superabrasive compact, drill bit using same, and methods of fabricating same

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #7951213.

Superabrasive compacts, methods of fabricating such compacts, and drilling tools that may utilize such compacts are disclosed. In one aspect of the present invention, a superabrasive compact includes a substrate and a superabrasive table attached to the substrate. At least one constituent of the superabrasive table exhibits a substantially monotonic distribution of size, concentration, or both in a selected direction of the superabrasive table. In another aspect of the present invention, a method of fabricating a superabrasive article is disclosed. A plurality of particles may be provided that exhibit a substantially monotonic distribution of particle size, concentration, or both in a selected direction. The particles may be subjected to a high-temperature, high-pressure process to consolidate and form a self-supporting body.

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