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Shrinkage-preventing apparatus for the sheathing of a tendon

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7950197.

An apparatus for fixing the sheathing of an end of a tendon within an anchor body of a post-tension anchor system has an anchor body that has a cavity formed in an interior thereof, a tendon extending into the cavity that has a sheathing extending at least partially thereover and has a sheathed portion and an unsheathed portion, a pair of wedges in engagement with the unsheathed portion of the tendon in the cavity of the anchor body, and at least one wedge member engaged with the sheathed portion. The wedge member has a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is of a generally constant thickness and has an end adjacent the pair of wedges. The second portion has a first end and a second end, the second portion being of a decreasing thickness from the first end to the second end.

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