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Light-emitting apparatus and pedal comprising the same

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7946740.

The invention provides a light-emitting apparatus, which can be disposed on a manpower vehicle, including a light-emitting unit and a power-generating module. The power-generating module further includes a first magnetic conductor, a second magnetic conductor, and a coil. The first magnetic conductor is disposed on a first component of the manpower vehicle; the second magnetic conductor is disposed on a second component of the manpower vehicle, and the coil is coupled to the first magnetic conductor or the second magnetic conductor. Moreover, the first magnetic conductor or the second magnetic conductor includes a magnetic member. Particularly, the first component can apply a pre-set point as an axle to rotate, so that when a distance between the first magnetic conductor and the second magnetic conductor is changed, the coil is capable of generating an induced electromotive force for supporting the light-emitting unit with needed power.

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