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Shock-absorbing system for an article of footwear

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7946059.

An article of footwear including an upper overlaying an outer bottom assembly, such assembly including, in the area of the heel, at least two support blocks made of a damping/shock-absorbing material and arranged on respective ones of the lateral and medial sides of the bottom assembly. Each of the support blocks extends vertically, substantially from the upper end to the lower end of the bottom assembly, the support blocks being deformable substantially independently of one another. Further, the outer bottom assembly includes an elastically deformable element that includes an upper portion that extends transversely relative to the bottom assembly and covers the upper end of each of the support elements, as well as at least two legs which extend laterally and medially, respectively, and externally cover respective ones of the support elements, substantially over their entire heights.

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