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Semiconductor device and associated layouts including diffusion contact placement restriction based on relation to linear conductive segments

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7943967.

A semiconductor device includes a substrate portion having a plurality of diffusion regions defined therein. The plurality of diffusion regions are separated from each other by one or more non-active regions of the substrate portion. The plurality of diffusion regions are defined in a non-symmetrical manner relative to a virtual line defined to bisect the substrate portion. The semiconductor device includes a gate electrode level region formed above the substrate portion to include a number of conductive features defined to extend in only a first parallel direction. Each of the number of conductive features within the gate electrode level region is fabricated from a respective originating rectangular-shaped layout feature. The number of conductive features within the gate electrode level region includes conductive features defined along at least four different virtual lines of extent in the first parallel direction across the gate electrode level region.

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