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Parent-child showerhead

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7937784.

A parent-child showerhead includes a wall-mounted showerhead, a hand-held showerhead, and a showerhead bracket. The wall-mounted showerhead is fixed on a conduit extending from a wall and connects to the hand-held showerhead via a hose. The showerhead bracket is provided for the hand-held showerhead to hang thereon. The wall-mounted showerhead has a water diverter disposed therein for controlling the spray water from the wall-mounted showerhead or the hand-held showerhead or from both of them. The water diverter has an adjusting knob for changing a direction of the water flow, and the adjusting knob is located on the wall-mounted showerhead at side close to a user, which is convenient for users to operate. The showerhead bracket is disposed at a lower position of the wall-mounted showerhead, and has a receptacle. The receptacle is in a pivoted state to adjust an angle and provide the hand-held showerhead to be engaged therein.

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