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Splint system and method of use

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7935069.

Devices and methods are disclosed for achieving control and stabilization of bone fractures in mammals, most specifically humans. Stabilization and traction is often required to support fractured bones of the arms or legs. The devices and methods disclosed herein are especially useful in the emergency or military setting. The devices utilize a collapsible frame or inflatable member that may be expanded and locked into position. The frame or inflatable member is fabricated primarily from polymeric materials with low radiodensity. The limb contact regions are adjustable to fit a wide variety of limb sizes and fracture locations. The traction applied by the splint is adjustable, controllable and measurable. The traction splint is sufficiently compact that it will fit in a compartment of most ambulances and emergency rescue vehicles, thus making it more available for use than standard traction splints in use today. The traction splint is either a separate device or integrated into a backboard.

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