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Chip stack cutter devices for displacing chips in a chip stack and chip-stacking apparatuses including such cutter devices

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7934980.

Apparatuses for stacking chips include a container for receiving unstacked chips, a carrier comprising a channel for carrying a chip stack, a transport system for transporting chips from the container towards the carrier, and at least one ejector system for ejecting or moving chips from the transport system into the channel of the carrier. Chip stack cutter devices may include an elongated displacement member, which may extend from an actuating lever member movably coupled to a base member configured to slide along a channel of a chip stack carrier. In additional embodiments, the cutter device may include an energy-responsive device configured to selectively move an elongated displacement member for displacing a number of chips in a chip stack carried in a channel of a chip stack carrier.

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