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Electronic signal processor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7932458.

An electronic signal processor for processing signals includes a complex first filter, one or more gain stages and a second filter. The first filter is characterized by a frequency response curve that includes multiple corner frequencies, with some corner frequencies being user selectable. The first filter also has at least two user-preset gain levels which may be alternately selected by a switch. Lower frequency signals are processed by the first filter with at least 12 db/octave slope, and preferably with 18 db/octave slope to minimize intermodulation distortion products by subsequent amplification in the gain stages. A second filter provides further filtering and amplitude control. The signal processor is particularly suited for processing audio frequency signals. Related methods include filtering the input signal with an input filter of the second or third order high pass type, amplifying the filtered signal and further filtering the amplified signal with a low pass filter, which may be of the second order type.

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