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Flip-chip mounting method and bump formation method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7927997.

To provide a flip-chip mounting method and a bump formation method applicable to flip-chip mounting of a next generation LSI and having high productivity and high reliability. A semiconductor chip 20 having a plurality of electrode terminals 12 is held to oppose a circuit board 21 having a plurality of connection terminals 11 with a given gap provided therebetween, and the semiconductor chip 20 and the circuit board 21 in this state are dipped in a dipping bath 40 containing a melted resin 14 including melted solder particles for a given period of time. In this dipping process, the melted solder particles self-assemble between the connection terminals 11 of the circuit board 21 and the electrode terminals 12 of the semiconductor chip 20, so as to form connectors 22 between these terminals. Thereafter, the semiconductor chip 20 and the circuit board 21 are taken out of the dipping bath 40, and the melted resin 14 having permeated into the gap between the semiconductor chip 20 and the circuit board 21 is cured, so as to complete a flip-chip mounting body.

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