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Split gate non-volatile memory cell with improved endurance and method therefor

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7923328.

A non-volatile memory cell including a substrate in which is formed a source region and a drain region defining a channel region between the source region and the drain region is provided. The non-volatile memory cell further includes a select gate structure overlying a first portion of the channel region. The non-volatile memory cell further includes a control gate structure formed overlying a second portion of the channel region, wherein the control gate structure includes a nanocrystal stack having a height, wherein the control gate structure has a convex shape in a corner region formed at an intersection of a first plane substantially parallel to a top surface of the substrate and a second plane substantially parallel to a side surface of the control gate structure, wherein a ratio of radius of the control gate structure in the corner region to the height of the nanocrystal stack is at least 0.5.

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