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Method and apparatus for estimating the velocity vector of multiple vehicles on non-level and curved roads using a single camera

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7920959.

A method and an apparatus is provided for determining the velocity vector, speed, and direction of moving vehicles traveling on roadways which change elevation and have curves. A camera mounted above a roadway observes at least one vehicles traveling in different directions on different roads. Each pixel in the two-dimensional optical image is mapped into a three-dimensional real world location to enable the moving vehicles to be analyzed in the three-dimensional real world as they travel on roads, which may change elevation and may have curves. The estimated vehicle velocities may be displayed on an image near the moving vehicle. Individual images with vehicle velocities may be posted on an Internet site. The sequence of optical images, or streaming video, with the displayed vehicle velocities may also be used for television news programs that show traffic moving on the roadways.

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