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Rod holder

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7908786.

A fishing rod holder that is mountable to a surface. The rod holder comprises an elongated sleeve defining a proximal end, a distal end and a body disposed between the proximal end and the distal end. The body delimits an internal channel that extends between the proximal end and the distal end and that opens out of the distal end. The distal end includes a first cut-out and a second cut-out which are in communication with the internal channel and in communication with each other. The second cut-out is positioned perpendicular with respect to the first cut-out and opening out of the distal end wherein the second cutout is sized and shaped to guide the handle of the fishing rod to the first cut-out as the fishing rod enters the distal end and into the internal channel. The first cut-out is sized and shaped to accept the handle as the handle rotates from the second cut-out and into the first cut-out such that the first cut-out contacts the handle when a fish strikes the fishing line to prevent the rod from exiting the internal channel under force of the fish strike.

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