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Non-volatile memory storing critical data in a gaming machine

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7904687.

A method and apparatus of dynamically storing critical data of a gaming machine by allocating and deallocating memory space in a gaming machine is disclosed. One or more embodiments describe downloading or removing a new game to a gaming machine such that all existing critical data in NV-RAM memory is left intact. In one embodiment, the invention discloses a method and apparatus for dynamically allocating and deallocating memory space to accommodate either permanent or temporary storage in an NV-RAM. A method and apparatus is provided to monitor available memory space and dynamically resize the memory in NV-RAM. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed for performing an integrity check of the NV-RAM and determining whether a critical data error has occurred. In one or more embodiments, methods of compacting and shifting contents of an NV-RAM are described to consolidate available memory space or to prevent unauthorized access of NV-RAM memory.

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