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Semiconductor device

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7902555.

A hetero semiconductor corner region, which is a current-concentration relief region that keeps a reverse bias current from concentrating on the convex corner, is arranged in a hetero semiconductor region. Thereby, a current concentration on the convex corner can be prevented. As a result, an interrupting performance can be improved at the time of interruption, and at the same time, the generation of the hot spot where in a specific portion is prevented at the time of conduction to suppress deterioration in a specific portion, thereby ensuring a long-term reliability. Further, when the semiconductor chip is used in an L load circuit or the like, for example, at the time of conduction or during a transient response time to the interrupted state, in an index such as a short resistant load amount and an avalanche resistant amount, which are indexes of a breakdown tolerance when overcurrent or overvoltage occurs, the current concentration on a specific portion can be prevented, and thus, these breakdown tolerances can also be improved.

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