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Apparatus and method for controlling compressor motor speed in a hydrogen generator

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7892304.

An apparatus for producing hydrogen having compressor motor speed control. The apparatus includes a hydrogen generator for producing a product comprising hydrogen and a compression unit for compressing the product. The hydrogen generator can include a fuel processor having an oxidizer and a reformer. The compression unit has an induction motor and means for regulating the speed of the motor. The means for regulating the speed of the motor can include a variable frequency drive or soft start device having a plurality of switches and an adjustable ramp timer. A downstream unit including one or more of a purification unit, a second compression unit, and a storage unit is disposed downstream of the compression unit. A method for producing hydrogen is provided that includes generating a product comprising hydrogen in a hydrogen generator, compressing the product in a compression unit having an induction motor and regulating the speed of the motor in response to transient operations of the hydrogen generator.

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