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Ready lock ring binder mechanism

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7891901.

A ring binder mechanism that retains loose-leaf pages. The mechanism includes a housing and hinge plates supported by the housing for pivoting about a pivot axis relative to the housing. The mechanism further includes rings that hold the loose-leaf pages. Each ring includes two ring members. A first ring member is mounted on a first hinge plate and can move therewith relative to a second ring member. In a closed position, the two ring members form a substantially continuous, closed loop for allowing loose-leaf pages retained by the rings to be moved along the rings from one ring member to the other. In an open position, the two ring members form a discontinuous, open loop for adding or removing loose-leaf pages from the rings. Additionally the mechanism comprises an actuator that is pivotally mounted on the housing and can move relative to the housing for controlling the pivoting motion of the hinge plates and closing the ring members. A travel bar has a connection to the actuator for blocking the hinge plate's pivoting motion when the ring members are closed. The connection between the travel bar and actuator permits the actuator to move in a range without actuating corresponding movement of the travel bar.

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