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Cable hanger

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7891614.

A cable hanger having a mounting end for attachment to a support structure and a cable support portion coupled to the mounting end. The cable support portion has at least two spaced parallel legs defining a receiving slot therebetween. Each receiving slot has a closed bottom and an open top end for receiving and locating loops of a cable formed into a coil. Preferably, the mounting end is adapted to be releasably attached to the support structure and the cable hanger is formed from bent rod. The mounting end will preferably have a hook shape with a free end attaching to the support structure which is spaced from the cable support portion to optionally receive a portion of a support structure therebetween. The receiving slots will have a height and width selected to accommodate the diameter and length of cable being supported and the number of receiving slots may vary accordingly. For some applications, the cable hanger includes tie bars whereby the associated cable may be secured in the receiving slots with a padlock and the cable support itself may be secured to a support structure.

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