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Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7884970.

Disclosed are an information processing apparatus and method, a recording medium and a program, by which an image can be fetched in a size appropriate to a user. An image of a subject picked up by a camera is displayed in a predetermined first range corresponding to a size designated in advance within a predetermined display region of an LCD unit which corresponds to an image pickup range of the camera, but the image of the subject picked up by the camera is not displayed in a surrounding range of the predetermined display region around the first range. If a shutter button is depressed in this state, then the image displayed in the first range is stored in the designated size into a memory. The present invention can be applied typically to a PDA, a mobile terminal, a portable telephone set, a desk-top personal computer or the like which has a function as a digital camera.

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